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The best way to achieve this and reduce our carbon footprint consists of extending the life of our products as much as possible and recycling the bitumen into a new raw material.

We stand out in each of these two strategies. Derbigum is a pioneer in bitumen recycling. At first glance, bitumen and ecology seem difficult to reconcile. and yet, while it is true that bitumen is derived from oil, it is also the most environmentally friendly waterproofing solution for flat roofs, not least because of their impressive lifespan. Derbigum’s waterproofing membranes have, in fact, a proven minimum 40-year life span on roofs. Afterwards, they may easily receive a new layer of Derbigum. And there they go for another 40 years, no worries. What’s more, the membranes are 100% recyclable into high-quality raw material for the manufacture of new waterproofing membranes. From this recycled material we have developed Derbigum NT.

Derbigum therefore demonstrates on a daily basis that sustainable and global growth is perfectly possible. Thanks to our know-how and experience in roofing recycling, we are today at the forefront of ecological commitment and innovation. Since we use raw materials that are subject to depletion, it is our duty to transform them into a product that is guaranteed to last a long time and can then be returned 100% to the production process.

That is why we remain optimistic despite the bleak climate outlook. it’s quite simple: the more the consequences of climate change become apparent, the more innovation will be required to deal with them. At Derbigum, we therefore want, more than ever, to maintain our role as a pioneer at the forefront.

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