Sleeping with bears and wolves at Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza hardly needs an introduction. The immensely popular animal park with more than 7,000 animals is located between Ath and Mons in Belgium and is partly owned by the famous entrepreneur Marc Coucke. Pairi Daiza does everything to immerse you in the wonderful world of nature: by exploring eight different worlds during the day, from the African steppe to the green of the tundra.

© Lodges The Last Frontier

In one of those worlds, ‘The Last Frontier‘, you can now also stay overnight. Seven (underground) rooms and lodges form the backdrop of British Columbia and Southeast Alaska. Those who look through the window get to see a unique scene. After all, you don’t sleep alone, but with wolves, bears, steller sea lions and fallow deer!

Robust roofs

To achieve a robust, watertight and safe project in the middle of nature, Derbigum was chosen. For the 1,500 m2 of roof area, the extremely robust Derbigum SP AR (anti roots) was mainly chosen, providing the perfect substrate for the many green roofs in this project. After all, a solid roof over your head can be very important in a zoo…

The roof membranes were laid with much expertise by Derbigum Services Belgium from Wauthier-Braine. The same contractor was also asked to apply Derbigum roofing membranes to the roofs of The House of European History in Brussels, Flanders Expo in Ghent or the Quatuor towers, among others.

Derbigum CEO Grégoire Morel is delighted with this achievement:

“We should be proud to be able to turn out such unique attractions in Belgium that put quality and expertise at the heart of our business. With Derbigum above our heads, Pairi Daiza and its visitors can literally sleep on both ears for the next 50 (!) years”.

Those wishing to stay overnight at ‘The Last Frontier‘ must be quick, as weekends get booked up very quickly.

Key Figures

Derbigum product: Derbigum SP AR
Total area of Derbigum membranes laid: 1500 m2
Client: Pairi Daiza
Architect: SL Architectes, Henri Garcia & les architectes de Pairi Daiza
Roofing contractor: Derbigum Services Belgium

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